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Softlabs has integrated with Ondato and Shuftipro

Integration With Ondato and Shuftipro

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  • compliance,
  • responsible gambling

Softlabs has integrated with Ondato and Shuftipro — two top-notch AI-based verification services that use both artificial and human intelligence to effectively protect against fraud, money laundering, terrorist financing, and other shady practices. With these services, we are able to fulfill AML compliance obligations by quickly screening international risk lists and performing seamless background checks.

Thanks to these fully automated solutions, we could also significantly enhance KYC procedures, perform accurate identification of customers, and assess their risk profiles. As a result, we managed to noticeably decrease the number of false positives and reduce the identification process to minutes. All in all, this is a major step towards creating a better and safer environment for our clients and partners.